Pink Carnation Soap

  • Pink Carnations also known as Clove Carnation is a lovely fresh cut Carnation fragrance, resplendent with the spicy, clove scent of old fashioned Carnation flowers.This elegant and sensual fragrance is reminiscent of soft ruffly petals gentle on the cheek and deeply inhaling the delicious spicy aroma. Moisturizing oils of Olive and Evening Primrose oils make a luxurious bar Nature's Wisdom in Handmade Soap

  • Soaponified Oils and Butters of *Olive, *Sustainable Palm Kernel, *Coconut, *Castor, *Shea Butter, Evening Primrose, Apricot Kernal, *Avocado and Rice Bran with a Proprietary Blend of Pure Essential OIls *Organic, 100% NATURAL & VEGAN, Net wt. 4 oz. (113g

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