Monoi de Tahiti Oil

  • The intoxicating, innocent, elegant aroma of Gardenia Tiari petals. Tahitian gardenia, known as the "Flower of Tahiti", has a perfume like no other. The Tiare flower is soft white and extremely fragrant. The prodigious combination of fresh Tiare flowers and refined coconut oil, Monoi offers a marvelous example of holistic care bringing an awakening of the senses and soul elevation. Monoi de Tahiti is an ancient Tahitian word meaning 'scented oil" and the product is part of a long established cosmetic practice among the Tahitian people. Tahitian women use Monoi de Tahiti daily to hydrate and protect their skin and to condition their hair. Once you smell Monoi oil you have to try it. Once you try're addicted! Uses: After a shower or bath, Monoi softens and helps rehydrate the skin to its natural healthy look. After a swim, it provides protection against the effects of sun, wind, sea or pool water As a pre shampoo hot oil treatment, it helps repair and deep condition the hair to a healthy shine. Add a few drops to a hot steamy bath to help you relax and keep your skin soft and subtly fragrant.