Wholesale Inquiry

We Are Happy That You Would Like To Carry Our Products!

Some Quick Notes:
Please provide a VALID STATE or FEDERAL TAX ID # to qualify for wholesale purchasing. After you have registered, email a copy of your business license, re seller's certificate, or tax ID to: info@autumnseve.com for our tax records.

All First-Time orders must meet our $200 minimum order requirement and subsequent orders are $100 minimum with 6 or more each product and scent selected. Shipping charges do apply and will be at actual costs unless items are picked up.

  • At this time we are only able to accept wholesale applications from US-based merchants.
  • We do not offer a printed catalog. We add and change things to our line regularly, so all our wholesale information is available online for your convenience.
  • We apologize, but we do not offer drop-ship services.
  • We do offer Private Label soap for your business. Please email us at 

For more information: email us at  info@autumnseve.com or call us at 661-587-9153.