Our Story

Our mission is to provide everyday products that go beyond the ordinary. We strive to develop products that indulge the human spirit. We use quality natural ingredients, pure essential oils, and exquisite care in formulating our products. Our goal is to provide an affordable luxury that everyone can experience and enjoy. We, at Autumn's Eve, are proud of our beautifully designed products and are delighted to share them with you. The time and care we take to hand make each product makes every purchase from Autumn's Eve a unique and pleasurable treasure.

The story begins in 1972 when my daughter was born with an allergy or sensitivity to soaps, chemicals and preservatives she came in contact with. At 3-weeks old and after 5 days of hospitalization, the problem was diagnosed. I then faced the challenge of finding foods, soap, and cleaning products that she could tolerate. I quickly realized that the more natural the product, the better she responded. As our lifestyle changed to include more products in their natural state, the entire family benefited. I realized this "challenge" wasn't a curse, but a blessing! Those items that weren't commercially available, I had to make. My first soap was Citrus Milk, from an old Pioneer recipe, which was soothing enough for my daughter's sensitive skin. Thus began my interest in natural products that has stayed with me to this day. What began as a need soon became a preference, and then a demand for my soaps, lotions and potions that not only help those who are allergic to most chemical ingredients but to offer an alternative to those who want to lessen the amount of chemicals that are put on our bodies by everyday items.

My background is Interior Design and I enjoy the creativity of our products, perfumery and aromatherapy. My husband's background is craftsmanship. If I can dream it, he can build it. He enjoys the actual soap-making, blending, stirring and finally detailing each and every bar by hand. We make a wonderful team and love what we do.

We strive to bring a little extra elegance into your everyday life, whether it is by our hand-packaging, or by the careful combination of ingredients and fragrances. We find the process of making our products is just as important as the actual product itself. Indulge yourself or treat that special someone in your life to a truly unique and pleasurable experience.

We have provided a comprehensive library that allows you to choose which oils and fragrances which will benefit you the most. We hope that you will enjoy our products.