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When I found out I was pregnant I was ecstatic!! Then I started hearing all the stories about stretch marks from my friends! UG! I am not a little girl to begin with, so I panicked! I met Cheryl at the Farmer's Market and she told me about the Pure Emu Oil produced by her company, Autumn's Eve. I bought the small bottle to start, just to check it out! I loved it! My tummy measured 56 inches, yes you heard correctly, 56 inches when I gave birth to my baby girl! Let me tell you what, I did not get a single stretch mark. I had my husband buy me the bigger bottle and I used it religiously. It really works!!! I never had any itchy belly issues either. Let me tell you, there are a lot of companies that make Emu Oil, I tried one other. It was watery, which I wasn't used to. I like the consistency of this oil, it is very soothing. Thanks you so much, you saved my belly!

Cher Enterline

Bakersfield, California

I'm posting this to Autumn's Eve because of the great results I've had with the soap! One of the soaps "Autumn's Eve - Olive & Wheat Germ" was so helpful to me! I have had excema for the longest time from being exposed to the sun and the pollution in the air. I went to a dermatologist for treatment. The doctor burned the spots of excema with liquid nitrogen and put me on a regiment of steroids for treatment. This only made me gain an excess of weight but the excema came back, really it never disappeared. Then, however, I came upon Autumn's Eve and thanks to Cheryl Misener's wonderful soap, I've finally been cured of the excema. It's totally disappeared within a month of use (about 2 bars of the soap). Now, I use it daily just to have the benefits of a having healthy skin with the use of this wonderful, sweet aroma, cleansing soap. I hope you'll all find the benefits of Autumn's Eve. It's worth every penny!!!!!

Oil Field Technician
California City

First Fridays in Bakersfield
Autumn's Eve had yummy lavender scented lotions, soaps, candles.. and they are at the Farmer's Market each Sat. at the old Montgomery Wards I think she said 9-12.  She can do custom blends too.  The owner was a super sweet lady Cheryl Misener- tell her  my car smelled yummy all the way home if you stop by!

Stephanie Deveau- Inky Dinky Do

Hi Cheryl -- I received your shipment today. Everything smells  delicious -- I can't wait to try them. I had intended several as gifts  -- maybe next time!! Thanks so much! Sue- Middleway, West Virginia....

Hi Cheryl --  I love your fragrances and the quality of your products and, selfishly, I have  used everything that I have ordered from you for myself, except for one truffle that I reluctantly gave to another bath-lover. I do plan on ordering some of your gift items soon (and actually giving them as gifts this time)!! Thanks for helping our porcine friends!  :-) 

Sue- Middleway, West Virginia

I am new to the extraordinary world of Autumn's Eve.You have amazing products, they are alluring to all the senses. I do not think I have ever seen such beautifully crafted handmade soaps, and the enticing aroma pulls me from a distance. As if that were not enough, I have taken to longer showers, just so the experience of luxury last a little longer. I love the Dead Sea Mud soap, and I am in heaven when my man showers using the Bay Rum soap. :)I love Autumns Eve soap, it is so creamy and luxurious, I have adult cystic acne and since I have been using Autumn's Eve Bar soap, I have not had one break out. I love this product

Thank you for  the care that goes into all of your Products. also love the All Natural Rami Soap Pocket, I put the end of my bars in it and there is virtually no waste. Just wanted to let you know how much I love your beautiful products.

Teresa Nielson

For years liquid soap has been the mainstay in the shower beginning with Olay and going to a purer Dr. Bonner's.  A couple of years ago while in Pasadena one of my dearest friends bought me some handmade soap.  It was used sparingly and the liquid soap remained.  Then when visiting the farmer's market in Bakersfield Cheryl was there.  She was waiting to get a permanent spot.  Clove is a particular favorite and so it started with Bay Rhum, then Lavender Mint was added, progressing now to Rose Garden.  These are not the only soaps from Cheryl, that I use, but they are my favorite soaps.  Liquid soap is still in my household, but mostly it is mixed with water to spray my roses to keep bugs away.  Cheryl has converted me to this soap because the ingredients are pure - I use Autumn's Eve face soap, body soap, bath & body oil, face creams, and shampoo.  The candle's are in tins and travel well to get rid of horrid hotel smells when traveling, too.  Finally, a product line that is pure, trustworthy, and delectable for the senses.

Thank you Cheryl and Richard - for totally pampering me with your products! 

Deanna- Bakersfield, California

My husband uses whatever soap I put in his shower.  One day I put a bar of Autumn's Eve soap in his shower.  After he was done, he came out and looked at me and said "I like this soap.  "Makes my skin feel good, what is it?"  He never notices things like this.  If that isn't a wonderful plug for these products I don't know what is.  

We have been using Autumns Eve soaps since they began selling on line.  I can't imagine going back to "store bought" soap again.  I LOVE the variety of soap, fragrances, shapes (I presently have seven bars in my shower and I use everyone) but I especially love the fact that the Posh Pig line helps unwanted Potbellied Pigs.  Now I can enjoy a wonderful product and know that I am helping animals in need.

Marcie Christensen. -Pleasant Hill, California

I received my first bar of Autumn's Eve's soap as a gift from a friend. It was a bar of facial soap and it was so wonderful and made my skin feel so nice, that I went on line and tried some different soaps, lotions, lip balms, and fun bath items. Everything was wonderful and came packaged so nicely! My favorites are the peppermint soap, lip balm and hand lotion, but I also fell in love with the Cucumber Melon, and the Somali Rose is to die for! For my special friend for Mother's day this year, I ordered a wonderful assortment from the web site and my friend was so pleased! I also needed a gift for a baby shower for a co-worker. I called Cheryl and asked if she could send something in my price range and she made up the nicest gift box with Lavender scented items for my co-worker, the mother, and special soap for the baby. My co-worker is still talking about it!

The products smell like heaven and make your skin feel soft and young and the Posh Pig line is just plain fun! The bath Pig Truffles are fabulous! 

Cathy Kost, San Martin, CA

I have lived with diabetes for years and haven't found anything to relieve the severely dry, cracked skin on my feet for more than a few hours at a time until now. I have been using the Autumn's Eve Whipped Shea Butter with Emu oil. What a difference! I have found that I only need a little and only have to apply once a day for a week and not only is the dryness relieved, but the tingling sensation associated with diabetes is relieved. After the first week, I can go for a few weeks with no treatment at all! Great product. Thanks. 

James Easling, Waldport, Oregon

I have become sensitive to almost any soap or lotion with a scent.  I was so delighted to find I could use any and all of the Autumn's Eve products.  I especially like the melon and vanilla.  Also, the Posh Pig Posh Petals is fabulous.  I gave that lotion to my daughter who set it on her desk.  Her women employees came in to use in continuously so she bought them there own bottles to improve work productivity. 

Eva Iingram, San Martin, Ca

My husband and I do a lot of dirt bike riding in the desert and he has such sensitive (lily lizard) skin.  He always gets a bad rash from the creosote bushes and something in the dirt.  I put a bar of my very favorite flying pig (Somali Rose) soap in our motorhome because I loved the smell so much. My husband used it and said it was the first time he didn't have a rash.  So now he "requires" it in the motorhome all the time.  But I don't mind because he smells so pretty. It's hard to go to bed mad at him when he smells like a pretty pink flying pig.  love to keep it at home too and if I dare run out and have to use a commercial brand - do I hear about it!  I'm addicted to these products.  

Marlies & Dave, Acton, Ca.

Cheryl gave me a gift bag as a thank you for adopting a pot belly pig. Little did she know how handy the soap would be for me? I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 06, and had to have radiation treatments. My doctors would not allow me to use any soap except Ivory, which I do not like the smell or feel of the soap on my skin. One day, I decided to try Cheryl's "pig soap", lavender was the fragrance, and was calming to me. I used it and the doctor's couldn't tell I was not using their recommended Ivory soap only. This wonderful Lavender soap did not irritate or dry out my skin, and left me with a nice feel. I would recommend any one with sensitive skin or cancer treatments to try her soap. Also my husband liked the soap too.. Thank you for the gift of your soap. Lynn
Lynn Kelly,  Valley Springs, Ca

Thank-you for introducing me to your Emu oil 100% pure. Due to unintentional chronic dehydration, malnutrition and stress, I have cancer in my body and skin problems as a result. Only been using your products about 2 months. Some growths on skin disappearing, others smaller in size. Bacteria seemed to be very deep. Of course, skin is more moist. Sad....to be in 80's before finding you.