Posh Pig

Posh Pig is an exclusive line from Autumn's Eve. With each purchase of a Posh Pig product a donation will be made to a potbellied pig rescue or sanctuary. Your purchase will help with education, rescue, spay/neuter, medical care and adoption of unwanted and neglected potbellied pigs. Please take the opportunity to look at our wonderful Posh Pig products and help support potbellied pigs.

And Toto Too... Read the story of the pig who inspired Posh Pig.

For more information on adoption and education about potbellied pigs, please visit the websites below

 : pigplacementnetwork.com : cppa4pigs.org : : petpigs.com:  pigs.org: vegaspigpets.orgpigspeace.org ironwoodpigsanctuary.org  : lilorphanhammies.com : cuddlycriters.org : pigharmony.com : scampp.org :

Click Here for some Pigtures of our own Potbellied Pigs